See Something, Say Something: making environmental complaints

If you see environmental problems – backyard burning, fly tipping or illegal dumping it can be hard to know what to do.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has started a campaign to explain how to report and resolve environmental problems – See Something, Say Something.

  • Some problems are the responsibility of local authorities – littering, backyard burning, water pollution, noise, dust and smells.
  • The EPA licenses large industry and large waste management facilities such as landfills so if the problem relates to a licensed business you contact the EPA directly. You can make an online complaint, contact the 24-hour National Environmental Complaints Line at 1850 365 121 or download an app to make a complaint directly from your smartphone.
  • Some areas, like wildlife and habitat protection, workplace health and safety, and public health are the responsibility of specific public bodies.


The EPA leaflet explains who you should contact and what you can do to help resolve environmental problems.