Fireworks and the law

Fireworks can be very dangerous. There are ciminal penalties for possessing, lighting, throwing or selling illegal fireworks.

Some types of fireworks, known as category 1 fireworks, can be sold for use by the general public. A category 1 firework is one which presents a very low hazard and negligible noise level and which is intended for use in confined areas, including indoors.

Find out more about the law on fireworks.

Read the fireworks information notice on the Department of Justice and Equality website.


#allaboutjobs has been established to provide information about what the Government is doing, and to raise awareness of the schemes and supports that are available to tackle unemployment and support job creation.The Government’s work is set out in two documents – Pathways to Work and the Action Plan for Jobs.

Visit the #allaboutjobs section on to get news and other useful information on job creation, supports for employers and unemployed people.

October bank holiday – public holiday entitlements

Monday 26 October is a public holiday. There are 9 public holidays in Ireland each year. Most full-time and part-time employees are entitled to paid leave on public holidays. One exception is part-time employees who have not worked for their employer at least 40 hours in total in the 5 weeks before the public holiday.

Employees who qualify for public holiday benefit are entitled to one of the following:

  • A paid day off on the public holiday
  • An additional day of annual leave
  • An additional day’s pay
  • A paid day off within a month of the public holiday

You can ask your employer which of these options applies to you at least 20 days before the public holiday.  If your employer fails to respond at least 14 days before the public holiday, you are entitled to take the actual public holiday as a paid day off.

You can find out more about your public holiday entitlements from 

Water Conservation Grant – deadline tomorrow

The deadline to apply for the Water Conservation Grant is tomorrow. To receive the €100 grant, eligible householders must apply by midnight, Thursday 22 October 2015.

You can apply online at or by calling the Water Conservation Grant Support Team on 1890 100 043 or 0761 087 890.

The telephone lines for enquiries on the Water Conservation Grant are open as normal from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm on Wednesday, 21 October and they will remain open on Thursday, 22 October from 9.00 am until midnight.

Read more in our document. 

October mid-term break

All schools will close from Monday 26 October 2015 to Friday 30 October 2015 inclusive for half-term.

Schools are required to be open for a minimum of 167 days at post-primary level and 183 days at primary level.

The dates for the start and the end of the school year at both primary and post-primary level are not fixed. However, due to the start of certificate exams, post-primary schools are usually not open for tuition after the Friday before the June public holiday (the first Monday in June) in any year. The school year generally starts in the week in which 1 September falls.

Read more in our document on school terms.