Help after a flood

The Department of Social Protection’s Humanitarian Assistance Scheme provides means-tested emergency financial help immediately following flooding. It does not provide compensation for damage. The amount paid depends on how severe the damage is and your ability to meet these costs. The DSP also provides exceptional and urgent needs payments which can help in the aftermath of a flood.

The Irish Red Cross Society is administering two schemes to provide emergency humanitarian support. One will provide help to small businesses (under 20 employees) that were unable to secure flood insurance and have been flooded following recent storms (on or after 4 December 2015). The scheme aims to give help towards the costs of returning business premises to their pre-flood condition including the replacement of flooring, fixtures and fittings and damaged stock. The scheme will not provide a contribution to loss of earnings or loss of business good-will.

The second gives temporary emergency humanitarian support to community, voluntary and sporting bodies affected by flooding during the period between December 2015 and January 2016. The scheme covers damage to buildings, contents or equipment for organisations that could not secure flood insurance.

You can find out more about both schemes and how to apply from the Irish Red Cross. The closing date for both schemes is Sunday 31 January 2016. 

The Department of Agriculture’s Assistance scheme provides support for farmers including support for animal welfare, temporary relaxation of the rules around moving livestock and special arrangements around flooding of slurry tanks. A new Fodder Aid Scheme 2016 is also available for farmers who have had fodder losses as a result of severe flooding.

You can contact your local Department of Agriculture Office, the Animal Welfare Helpline: 0761 06 4404 or (01) 607 2379 or your Teagasc advisor on the Teagasc Advisory Helpline: 0761 11 3355 to find out  more.

Revenue has announced provisions to help people who have been affected by flooding. If your home has been flooded and you are getting help from the Humanitarian Assistance Scheme, you can apply to have your 2016 LPT payment deferred (even if you do not qualify for deferral under the normal criteria). Contact the LPT Helpline on 1890 200 255 to make the relevant arrangements.

If your business premises have been damaged by floods and you are getting help from the Government Support for Small Business Fund, via the Red Cross, you should contact the Collector-General’s office on 1890 20 30 70 to agree additional time to file returns and make payments or to agree suitable phased payment arrangements.

The Office of Public Works (OPW) has a website,, that gives information about what to do before, during and after a flood. Visit to find out more.

The HSE has information on cleaning a home after flooding and the psychological effects of flooding.

There are two leaflets giving details of the help available: