Deadline for LPT payment today

If you wish to pay your Local Property Tax for 2016 in one lump sum you must tell Revenue by 7 January 2016.

You can use or change to one of these methods.

Lump sum payment methods Latest date for payment More details
Debit card or credit card 7 January 2016 If you pay by debit or credit card the deduction will be made the day the transaction is completed online.
Single cash payment through a service provider 7 January 2016 Cash or debit/credit card payments through certain payment service providers (you can check the list on A transaction charge usually applies.
Single Debit Authority You must inform Revenue by 7 January 2016 that you are using this method. Payment is deducted on 21 March 2016. This amount is taken from your bank account in one deduction on 21 March 2016 and is paid directly to Revenue. You can specify an earlier date if you wish.
Cheque or postal order 7 January 2016 Make the cheque or postal order payable to the Collector General and record your Property ID on the back of the cheque or postal order.

If you paid your 2015 LPT in instalments or in phased payments (for example, by deduction at source or direct debit) this payment method will automatically apply for 2016 and subsequent years.