Resolving disputes with your landlord

If you have a dispute with your landlord you may be able to resolve it informally. However sometimes this is not possible and you need to involve a third party to help resolve the problem. The Private Residential Tenancies Board (PRTB) offers a dispute resolution service for tenants and landlords.

From 8 January 2016 there is no fee if you choose to have your dispute application to the PRTB resolved by mediation. (The fee for adjudication is €25 for a paper application and €15 online.)

During mediation you and your landlord will be helped to reach an agreement by a trained mediator. Mediation is fast, convenient and the terms of the agreements are legally binding and enforceable. The PRTB also offers a telephone mediation service.

Find out more about resolving disputes.

The PRTB also publishes a checklist for tenants on how to prevent disputes, along with a similar checklist for landlords.