UK vote to leave European Union

The Taoiseach has today made a statement on the UK vote to leave the European Union, as has the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Both statements stress that the UK is not leaving the EU immediately and that arrangements, rights and facilities linked to EU membership still apply in full. A negotiation process will get underway and is expected to take a minimum of two years prior to a UK exit.

A contingency framework has been announced so that the Government and its departments can focus on key policy areas or issues to be addressed in any exit negotiations.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has published an FAQ document in relation to Irish citizens resident in the UK, UK citizens resident in Ireland, citizenship, passports and the Common Travel Area.

The Department of Social Protection has published an FAQ document in relation to social security contributions and social welfare payments.

You can also find further information, including FAQs, statements and reports, on the website.