Polling cards and voter identification

If you are registered to vote in the upcoming referendum, a polling card should be sent to your home address before 25 May 2018.

Your polling card will state your elector number and the name of the polling station where you are to vote. It will also have a formal statement explaining what the referendum is about.

If you don’t receive a polling card by 25 May, you can still vote at your local polling station as long as you are registered to vote. You can check this on checktheregister.ie.

You should bring a valid form of personal identification, such as your passport, driving licence, student card with photo etc., when you go to vote. Your polling card is not accepted as a valid form of ID. There is a full list on referendum.ie.

You can read more in our document about voting in a referendum.

There is information about the upcoming referendum on refcom2018.ie.