Social Welfare Appeals Office Annual Report

The Social Welfare Appeals Office (SWAO) has published its annual report for 2017. The SWAO provides an independent appeals service for anyone who wants to appeal a decision about their social welfare payment.

In 2017, the SWAO received 19,658 appeals which was a reduction on the 22,461 appeals for 2016.

Appeals about Working Age – Income and Employment Support schemes reduced the most. Appeals about Supplementary Welfare Allowance reduced by 33.9%, Jobseeker’s Allowance by 17.5% and appeals about Jobseeker’s Allowance means tests were down by 26.6%.

There were also reductions in the number of appeals about Illness Benefit (down 45.9%), Carer’s Allowance (down 17.7%) and Family Income Supplement (now Working Family Payment) down by 6.5%.

The number of appeals about some payments increased slightly, Disability Allowance (up 3.4%), Invalidity Pension (up 1.4%) and Domiciliary Care Allowance (up 0.1%).

You can read the full report on the Social Welfare Appeals website (pdf).