Tax statements replacing P45s and P60s


What is replacing P45 and P60 statements?


Since 1 January 2019, P45s and P60s have been abolished and replaced with an online system as part of PAYE modernisation. You will no longer get a P45 if you leave your job. Instead, your employer must now send this information electronically to Revenue. The P60 certificate will be replaced by an end of year statement.

Your 2018 P60 is the last P60 that you will get from your employer. Your end of year statement for 2019 will be available after 31 December 2019 through Revenue’s myAccount service. An end of year statement includes details of all your pay and the income tax, USC and PRSI deducted by your employer during the year. It also records your Local Property Tax (LPT) deductions (if you choose to have the LPT deducted from your pay).