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The Government has published practical advice to help businesses and citizens around the country prepare for Brexit on

This includes advice and information for businesses and individuals on Brexit and Business and Brexit and You.

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Information on what Brexit means for citizens is also available here on including:

Increases in social welfare payments

Social welfare rates are due to increase from this week. The payments and dates of change are set out in the table below. The relevant documents will be updated on on the date the changes take effect.

You can read a summary of the changes on

Payment Date of change
Jobseeker’s Allowance  
Farm Assist

20 March 2019
Jobseeker’s Benefit 21 March 2019
Illness Benefit
Injury Benefit
Maternity/Adoptive Benefit
Paternity Benefit
Health and Safety Benefit
Supplementary Welfare Allowance
25 March 2019
Disability Allowance 27 March 2019
Invalidity Pension
Deserted Wife’s Benefit
Deserted Wife’s Allowance
One Parent Family Payment (other than a widow/er)
Jobseeker’s Transitional Payment
Carer’s Allowance
Carer’s Benefit
Working Family Payment
28 March 2019
Disablement Pension
Disablement Gratuity
Death Benefit Pension (under the OIB scheme)
State Pension (Contributory)
Widow/er’s (Contributory) Pension

Guardian’s Payment (Contributory)
State Pension (Non-Contributory)
Blind Person’s Pension
Widow/er’s (Non-Contributory) Pension
One-Parent Family Payment (in the case of a widow/er)

29 March 2019

Modernisation of the electoral registration process

The Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government has launched a public consultation on proposals regarding modernisation of the electoral registration process.

Proposals for modernisation of the register include:

  • Simplification of forms and process
  • A rolling register or continuous registration
  • Optional online registration and secure self-service
  • Moving to individual registration only
  • Enabling a single national register database with unique identifiers
  • Moving to verified identity using PPS numbers
  • Data sharing to maintain accuracy and comprehensiveness

You can visit to find out more and make a submission on the proposals. The deadline for submissions is Friday 15 March 2019.