Voting in the general election – Know your rights


Can I vote in the general election on 8 February?


To vote in an Irish general election, you must be an Irish or British citizen, 18 years of age or over and registered to vote. This means your name must be entered on one of the following:

  • The main Register of Electors
  • The Postal Voters List (people who can vote by post)
  • The Special Voters List (people who are living in a nursing home or other institution)
  • A supplement to one of these 3 lists

The 2019-20 Register of Electors and its Supplement will be used in the general election on 8 February. The 2020-2021 Register comes into effect on 15 February 2020, after the election.

To make sure you are on the 2019-20 Register, go to, or contact your local authority, Garda station, post office or public library.

If you are not on the Register, you can:

  • Contact your local authority to check if you are on the Supplement to the 2019-2020 Register. If you are on the Supplement, then you are registered to vote in the general election.
  • If you are not on the Supplement, you can register to be included in the Supplement using form RFA2. If you have changed your address you use form RFA3.

Forms must be received by your local authority before the close of business on Wednesday 22 January 2020.