Pregnant and lost your job?

If you are pregnant and your employer has no work available during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can apply for a social welfare payment.

However, the payment you apply for depends on the number of weeks from your last day of employment to the date you are due to give birth (your due date):

  • If your due date is within 16 weeks of your last day of employment, you must apply for Maternity Benefit. This is because you must be in insurable employment immediately before your maternity leave starts.
  • If your due date is more than 16 weeks from your last day of employment, you should apply for the COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment. This can be paid for up to 6 weeks. You should apply for a jobseeker’s payment during that period.

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You can read more about pregnancy and coronavirus and you can read information for pregnant women on COVID-19 from the National Maternity Hospital in Dublin. This information is available in 5 languages.