Know your rights: UK driver licences and Brexit

I’m living in the Republic of Ireland and have a UK driver licence. I would like to convert it to an Irish licence before the end of the Brexit transition period. How do I do this?

When the UK formally left the European Union on 31 January 2020, both sides agreed on a transition period to finalise arrangements. This transition period ends on 31 December 2020. Your UK driver licence will continue to be recognised in Ireland until that date.

You must apply in person at a National Driver Licence Service (NDLS) centre to convert your licence to an Irish licence. You must book your appointment online before visiting an NDLS centre. During COVID-19 Level 5 restrictions, NDLS centres remain open for people with booked appointments.

On the day, you should bring:

The website has a full list of documents accepted as proof of identity.

Your completed application form must be accompanied by:

  • Your UK driver licence. If your driving licence is lost or expired, you need a letter of entitlement from the licensing authority in the state that issued your licence
  • A fee of €55

In some cases, driving licence medical or eyesight report forms may be required

You can get information on medical and eyesight report forms on

It may take up to 3 months for your licence to be exchanged, as each foreign licence must be verified with the country that issued it.

The NDLS also has useful FAQs on Brexit and driving licences (pdf).

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