Know your rights: Eviction during COVID-19 Level 5 restrictions

My landlord has asked me to leave my rented accommodation. Can I be evicted during COVID-19?

Under COVID-19 restrictions, an eviction ban automatically kicks in any time people’s movement is restricted to 5 kilometres from their home. This means that you cannot be evicted at the moment while Ireland is at Level 5, and for a ten-day grace period after this.

Your landlord can give you an eviction notice during this time. However, the notice is paused while these restrictions are in place and for 10 days after restrictions are lifted. This means the date you are due to be evicted is extended by 10 days, plus the amount of time Ireland is at Level 5.

These protections do not apply if your landlord is asking you to leave for one of the following reasons:

  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Acting in a way that would invalidate a house insurance policy
  • Acting in a way that would cause substantial damage to the accommodation
  • Using the accommodation for commercial or other non-residential purposes

If the eviction notice is for one of these reasons, the eviction can go ahead once the appropriate notice period expires.

For more information on the eviction ban, see the Residential Tenancies Board’s guidance document and FAQs. If you are threatened with eviction, you should call Threshold for advice.

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