Know your rights: EU Digital COVID Certificate (DCC)

I want to travel to the EU with my family this summer. How can I get my Digital COVID Certificate?

Ireland has introduced the EU Digital COVID Certificate (DCC) for travel from within the EU and EEA (the EU, plus Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein and Switzerland).

The DCC provides proof that you have been fully vaccinated with one of the EU approved vaccines or you have recovered from COVID-19 in the last 6 months or you have received a negative COVID-19 test result immediately before travel.

The Digital COVID Certificate comes as a QR code on your smartphone, by email or in paper format.

If you plan to travel abroad, you should check the testing and quarantining requirements of the country you are travelling to.

There are 4 different types of DCC. If you have been vaccinated in Ireland your DCC will be sent to you automatically.

Type of DCCWho is it for?How do you get it?
DCC based on vaccination Fully vaccinated people who got their vaccination in Ireland

By email (if the HSE has your email address) or by post

DCC based on recovery
People who had a recent positive COVID-19 test

You can request the DCC 11 days after your positive test

You must have had the positive test within the past 6 months
Request it by calling 1800 807 008 or by completing an online form

DCC based on negative RT-PCR test People who get a negative RT-PCR result at a private testing service
Test must be taken up to 72 hours before travel
From the private testing facility
DCC based on negative antigen test
People who get a negative antigen test at a private testing service*
From the private testing facility.

*Antigen testing is not accepted for travel to Ireland. You should check ReOpen EU to check if it is accepted in the country you are travelling to.

DCCs based on vaccination are being sent out by email or post. If you don’t get yours in the coming weeks, you can call the free Digital COVID Certificate emergency helpline on 1800 807 008. You can phone +353 76888 5513 from outside Ireland.

You can request the certificate based on recovery from the helpline or by completing an online form. If you submit a form online, you will get your certificate by email within 5 days.

During COVID-19, you can find comprehensive integrated information online at and you can get daily updates on what’s changed on Twitter at @citizensinfo.

You can also get information and advice from:

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