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The Assisted Decision Making (Capacity) Act will be fully implemented on 26 April 2023. From this date, new decision support arrangements will be available. No new Wards of Court will be created after this date, and everyone who is currently a Ward of Court will have their capacity assessed and brought under the new legal framework within 3 years.  The Decision Support Service will oversee the new system.

Public in-patient and day service fees were abolished on 17 April 2023. This means that the daily charge for staying in hospital for public patients no longer applies from this date.

Facemasks are no longer required in healthcare settings. However, you may be recommended to wear one depending on the specific situation or if you are at higher risk from infection.  

A new Sectoral Employment Order setting minimum pay and pension contribution rates for workers in the construction sector will commence on 18 September 2023. 

The disregard from the social welfare means test of €14,000 per year for renting out a room in your own home has been extended until 17 March 2025. 

Reduced toll charges for electric vehicles has been extended to 31 December 2023.

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