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You can now apply for an Additional Needs Payment online.

You can no longer book a COVID-19 PCR test or order an antigen test through the HSE.

If you are the qualifying adult on your partner’s Jobseeker’s Allowance or Community Employment Payment, you will be able to qualify to take part in the CE Scheme in your own right under changes announced last week.

The Work Life Balance and Miscellaneous Provisions Bill 2022 has been passed by the Oireachtas. The President will now consider the Bill before signing it into law. Most of the new rules will not apply immediately. The Bill includes:

  • 5 days paid leave for victims of domestic violence
  • 5 days unpaid medical leave for carers and parents of children under 12
  • The right to request flexible working hours for parents and carers, and remote working for everyone
  • The extension of breastfeeding breaks to cover the first 2 years
  • The right to take maternity leave for transgender men

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Budget 2023 was announced on 27 September 2022. You can read our summary of changes in:

You can also read a summary of the short-term measures that were announced to help people with the cost of living.

Vouchers for 3 free hot-desk days are available until 31 December 2022.

The COVID-19 Enhanced Illness Benefit has now finished. If you have COVID-19 or have been advised to self-isolate you can apply for Illness Benefit.

Third COVID-19 boosters are now available if you are:

  • 65 or older
  • 12 or older with a weak immune system

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Parent’s leave has been extended to 7 weeks for parents of children under 2 (or 2 years from the child’s placement date in the case of adoptive parents).

The Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance will be paid automatically in the week of 11 July 2022 to families who have been notified that they will get the automatic payment. If you have not received a letter notifying you of this and you want to apply for the payment, you must apply on MyWelfare.

The Birth Information and Tracing Act has been passed by the Oireachtas. This gives adopted people, and others, the right to access their birth certificate.

A new voucher scheme for remote working hubs is now in place. You can get 3 vouchers in the first phase of the scheme, which runs until the end of August 2022.

Preliminary results of Census 2022 show Ireland’s population has passed the 5 million mark.

A new ex-gratia scheme for CE supervisors is now available.

We’ve updated the CAO offer and deadline dates for 2022/23.

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